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Access to Higher Education

A college education is the key to unlocking economic security for Texas. Students that complete a post-secondary education report higher rates of homeownership, better health, less unemployment, and higher income. Here are three steps that parents, students, lawmakers, and business owners can take together make college affordable again:

  • Make financial aid adequate and accessible
  • Encourage college savings
  • Improve financial education, screening, and planning 

Mental Health

Texas spends less on mental health services per capita than any other state in the nation. Over 4.3 million Texans have a diagnosable mental health disorder, 1.2 million are children. About half of the total mental health funding in Texas is spent in the criminal justice system. We have a choice. We can invest in life saving treatment OR we can invest in prisons.

Restore Public Education

Dallas classrooms are overcrowded and losing its most experienced teachers. Why? –Because politicians in Austin failed to meet minimum funding requirements for public schools for the first time since 1950.  These are just a few of the steps we need to take to prepare our kids for the jobs of tomorrow:

  • Stop more teacher layoffs
  • Keep class sizes small
  • Stop teaching to the test
  • Get Parents involved

Women’s Health

In the 2011 Legislative session, the Republican majority systematically dismantled the Women’s Health Program and almost all funding for cancer screening and contraception for uninsured and low-income women. What Republicans on the campaign trail won’t tell you is that by cutting access to care and de-funding Planned Parenthood, they are fostering an environment where more abortions will occur, not less. It’s time for politicians in Austin to stop holding lifesaving medical care hostage. Cancer and unintended pregnancy are too high a price for Texas women and their families to pay.

The Legislature should immediately to:

  • Restore funding for the Women’s Healthcare Program
  • Get out the private decisions of Texas women and their families
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